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What’s Next For Alohomora?


If you’ve been following our big announcement, you’ll know that the conference formerly known as ‘Alohomora 2013′ has now become LeakyCon! This means that the Alohomora team and the LeakyCon staff will be working together, bringing our local knowledge and event-planning expertise together to bring you what we hope will be the best Harry Potter conference yet!

You may be wondering what this means for the group known as Alohomora!

We plan to keep working together to organise fun events in the UK and in Europe! There will be more concerts, fairs, dinners, meet-ups and more in the lead up to LeakyCon London, and in the years to come! We know that there is a great group of people out there who want to meet up with other Harry Potter fans, Nerdfighters, Whovians, cake-fanatics, Sherlockians etc.

We’re not going to fade away! We want to work WITH YOU to make these events great, and to have fun times in the years to come!

We hope we’ll see you very soon!

Amy, Lucy and Fran

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