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  • Tom Riddle's graveyard in Edinburgh after The Snow Ball 2010.
  • 'Wizard Rock' at the Pavilion, Cork, Ireland. June 2010.
  • Harry and the Potters in Cork, June 2010.

Buy Edinburgh Snow Ball Tickets


You can now purchase your Edinburgh Snow Ball tickets right here. Tickets cost just £13.50 and the sale of 150 tickets will magically transport Harry and the Potters from across the pond. Event details are as follows: Edinburgh University Student Union Teviot House Bristo Square Saturday 1st December 2012 from 7pm till Midnight Under 14s require an over-18 chaperone. Many Snow Ball attendees will be staying at the Castle Rock hostel on Johnston Terrace in Edinburgh (over 18s only). How to… Read the full story >

Harry and the Potters to headline 2012 Edinburgh Snow Ball


So whilst updates for next year’s LeakyCon are in the pipeline, here’s some awesome news to keep you going! The UK’s annual Snow Ball in Edinburgh is playing host to US wrock founders Harry and the Potters… but in order to make sure it happens, they need your help. As partners of the 2012 Edinburgh Snow Ball, Alohomora is here to lend a hand and spread the news. Here’s what Neil Bird, founder of, had to say… “We’re pleased… Read the full story >

What’s Next For Alohomora?


If you’ve been following our big announcement, you’ll know that the conference formerly known as ‘Alohomora 2013′ has now become LeakyCon! This means that the Alohomora team and the LeakyCon staff will be working together, bringing our local knowledge and event-planning expertise together to bring you what we hope will be the best Harry Potter conference yet! You may be wondering what this means for the group known as Alohomora! We plan to keep working together to organise fun events… Read the full story >

The Announcement


Watch the video below to view our announcement – Alohomora & Leaky bring you…

The solution is near


This is it! This is all you need to find out where we’re going to be: Féach go siar na hÉireann Agus an chúige cé atá ann Cad is ainm don chúige seo? Will you find it in London-so-fair? So now you know I’m Irish, Sometimes I say ‘It’s GRAND!” But in the Rooms you’re seeking Nothing’s grander in the land!

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